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Thank you wholeheartedly for being so comprehensive with (my daughter's) teeth and contacting (the specialisit)s for her.  What a neat approach to have professionals communicate for comprehensive care! ... Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being such a holistic professional and inspirational person.  You make this world a more brilliant place.

Tiffany R.

Levison Dental is an excellent dental office. Doctors Scott and Sarah are very personable and both very knowledgeable using the latest technology that other dentists do not have. My kids were going to another dentist and when they started going to Levison dental they found several issues with their teeth that the other dentist did not detect. I was just in the office yesterday and I am always impressed by both of the dentists and their very skilled assistants. If you are looking for a new dentist or just want to make sure your teeth are getting the best care I would highly recommend Levison Dental.

 Greg W.

My family has been going to Levison dental for many years. We mostly see Dr. Scott but have also seen Dr. Sarah. This practice deserves MORE  than five stars!!! We value their professionalism, knowledge, genuine care and friendship. The entire team is wonderful!

Jeanie P.

Wonderful experience at this office.  The staff was friendly, helpful and honest.  I would highly recommend Dr. Levison to family and friends.

Megan V.

Honestly, I don't like going to the dentist at all, but I absolutely love Dr. Scott and his crew at Levison Dental. I've had a few bad experiences in the past with other dentists, and now tend to have a fair amount of anxiety in the chair, but Dr. Scott is the kindest, gentlest, and most caring dentist. Everyone that works there has a wonderful energy that puts you at ease. They're all looking out for YOUR best interest, not theirs. Dr. Scott is conservative with his treatment plans, which I highly appreciate. He won't recommend a crown if you only need a filling. We've recently moved back to the Portland area, and I'm thrilled to be able to go to Levison Dental once again!

Sarah G.

Wouldn't consider any other dental group - caring, quick and looks at your total health beginning with a clean mouth.

Christine N.

Thanks again for being a practice that we trust, staffed by people who are caring, competent, welcoming and sometimes entertaining, too!  My Mom raved about how wonderful everything was.  "I've never been anywhere that was that thorough," was her summation.

Nancy S.

Each time I visit Levison Dental, I am awed by your quality, attention to detail and attention to your patient, and overall call demeanor. You explain procedures and best practices more thoroughly than any dentist I have ever met. And Lauren is a perfect sidekick!Each time someone I know tells me they are looking for a dentist, and rave about you and your office :) Thank you for the impressive work you’ve done for me to date (there was a lot), and for treating me with kindness and respect. I have finally found a dentist I trust, admire, and look forward to seeing.

Larissa W.

Dr. Scott has been an amazing dentist to me. He genuinely cares about his patients and you leave knowing you got the best possible care.

Nick G.

Doctors Scott and Sarah Levison have a wonderful practice. The feeling of calm professionalism runs throughout their offices. My family has been going to Levison dental for years and I recommend them to everyone who is looking for a dentist.  The Levisons are fantastic at what they do and care very much about each and every patient.

Joan C.

I wanted to reach out to you to say a huge thank you to you, Hannah, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Sarah. My husband came home from his appointment the other day and wouldn't stop talking about his visit. He's never been excited to see the dentist for as long as I've known him, and we've known each other since sophomore year of high school. He also showed me the new way he learned how to floss, the new dental 'toys' he received, and how he wasn't going to allow me to use them! :)

Thank you for the great service you provide to us! We appreciate each and every one of you.

Hannah B.

The support staff and doctor are phenomenal! I had a nearly two hour first visit. Well technically second visit because the first one was a false alarm for a tooth I thought I needed fixed. Anyway, TWO hours...seems like a long time but I enjoyed every minute of it! We discussed literally every tooth in my mouth and where it was in relation to its health. Some had five years (until I would need work) others were "beautiful" that's always a nice compliment--I would hard to keep my mouth so fresh and so clean. Long story short I would highly recommend this office! You'll feel totally comfortable and at ease.

Camille P.

I just had to write a note thanking you for taking such great care of my daughter.  She couldn't wait to call me and tell me how happy she was with the professional, quality care she received in your office.  She felt she was in capable hands and that she has great confidence in the dentist and his treatment recommendations. Always wanting the best care and current care model for my family I was so pleased for her.  Next came her comments about how well her hygiene appointment went.  She said she was so impressed that the hygienist was so thorough and made so many recommendations that her own momma hygienist did.  I knew it had to be so when she told me the details of the appointment, and that I may know the hygienist that served her. 1992 grad, PCC …..  Hannah?  Awesome was my response, has to be Hannah Meredith!  A rock star in dental hygiene   Even though my girl is 29 yrs. old you always want the best for her and her family, so I am giving a shout out for a great hallelujah! for her to find this great dental home.

Carol P.

I visited my parents-in-law this afternoon, and Mom asked me to write to you on their behalf. She had written a note on a small piece of paper, and I'll use some of her wording and add a bit (as she requested) of my own. They were so surprised to receive the beautiful purple and orange flower arrangement. The colors are so intense, and they definitely add cheer to their little assisted living apartment. Since Mom can't see out of one eye, the intensity helps a lot. Mom's note says, "You are a great dentist in a dozen ways. A simple thank you is hardly adequate. But thank you we do!" As a final note, I appreciated the extremely kind manner in which everyone treated Dad and Mom as well as the fact that you did only necessary care.


Elizabeth C

"Like" is not enough for our opinion of Levison Dental Gtoup. We have had many dentists over the years, but Scott and Sarah are hands down the best. Very skilled, excellent staff, relaxed and fun environment. You cannot do better if you're serious about taking care of your smile.

Gary R.

I took my elderly mother to Levison Dental recently for x-rays and an exam, and just couldn't believe the degree of care and attention she received.  Both the hygienist and Dr. Sarah Levison took the time to explain everything to my Mom completely, and she actually had fun going to the dentist!  I am indebted to them for their wonderful care.


I appreciate your service with Medical Teams International and feel very fortunate to have Hannah and you (Dr. Scott) as my personal dental team.  Thanks for all you do to make our world a healthier, happier and friendlier place.

Bas V.

My parents were blown away by the beautiful bouquet of flowers that arrived at their room today. "The most beautiful I've ever received," said my mom. They haven't been able to stop talking about the wonderful dentists and assistants who took care of them last week. Thank you so much for your gracious manner and high quality care for my parents.

Bob C.

I LOVE this practice!  I have a pretty severe dental phobia and, although I do go to the dentist, I have always been terrified to the point of feeling sick for days beforehand.  No more! I almost look forward to seeing "my dental family", and for sure feel no fear when I know it's time for cleaning or work. How do they do it?  Believe me, I've thought about this, because it's a real miracle for me.  I'm 65 years old, and this is the first time since my childhood I've felt this way about the dentist..  I think it's a combination of many things.  They are both consummately(sp?) professional, yet personable and deeply warm, as are their staff members.  They do everything they need to do to be sure I feel NO pain and no anxierty (they even cover me with a warm blanket.  Who ever heard of being "tucked in" at the dentist?) Each of them is the best at what they do, and Dr. Sarah empowers her staff to work at the highest level I've ever seen.  They aren't so much dental assistants as assistant dentists. Dr. Sarah is a wonderful communicator.  She tells me exactly what needs to be done, what to expect, and what costs will be up front.  She helps me plan my care to minimize out of pocket expense (what can we put off till next year?  What needs to be done now?), Dr Sarah makes me feel safe.  And my teeth have never been in better shape.  Go see her or Dr Scott.  Really! Do it!  You won't be sorry!

 Diane F.

It is amazing that a dental office can make you feel like you're part of a family. That is exactly the way Dr. Sarah and the entire staff at Levison Dental are. I have never been one to continually utilize the same practitioners for anything since I don't have insurance but I can't stay away! Not to mention all of the charitable work they do! Please trust when I say it is worth the drive to Lake Oswego to be in the offices of such kind, warm, caring people!

Tara F.

My family have been patients of Drs. Scott and Sarah Levison for 10+ years. They have provided us with excellent dental care, and have been great with our kids' treatment. The dentists and their staff provide a warm and comfortable environment. We highly recommend them for your dental care needs.

Gordon H.

Dr. Sarah Levison has been my dentist for more than seven years. I'm a "higher care" level of dental patient due to some radiation to my mouth, and she has not only been knowledgeable about the best care for my special dental needs, but she is also VERY calming when doing dental care. I'm jumpy, but she is slow and reassuring, willing to take the time I need to be able to handle cleanings / fillings / etc.  I can't recommend Levison Dental enough!

Pam C.


I was "lucky" enough to have a dental treatment done by Dr. Scott when he filled in at another office many years ago. He mentioned that he and his wife were going to be opening an office, and I came home and told my husband that it didn't matter where they opened their office... we needed to go there! Scott and Sarah have been our dentists ever since. As crazy as it sounds, going to the dentist is such a wonderful experience that you forget about the normal stress dental treatments can cause, and actually leave feeling like a $1M dollars! The entire staff are the most competent, caring and friendly people you'll ever encounter. They make you feel so comfortable that it's more like going to see friends. My dental needs have been rather extensive, and they've exuded confidence in every treatment. My husband summed it up when he said they don't just work on your teeth, they "build relationships". We can't recommend them highly enough. :)
Janie D.


Dr. Sarah is a magician with kids. My little ones love her, and actually look forward to going to the dentist! The whole staff is warm and friendly. I have the utmost confidence in the dental care we all receive at Levison Dental.
Nina J.


I've been a patient of Levison Dental since I first moved to Oregon about 15 years ago. I had been wary of dentists ever since a bad childhood experience with a terrible dentist and inadequate Novocain. Dr. Sarah and Dr. Scott have always made me feel completely at ease and confident in their skill levels. I now have 3 kids that will never know what it's like to fear a dentist. The new Lake Oswego office is stylishly decorated and is outfitted with all of the latest dental gizmos. The whole staff is friendly and professional.
Patrick F.


I have been to many dental offices in my life. I have some anxiety and concerns when I go to the dentist so I asked around my work for a good referral. I was told about Levison Dental by a co- worker who has been seeing Dr. Sarah for 10 years. This office is by far the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Sarah and her assistants are very calming, professional, thorough and VERY HONEST! I needed to have a crown done and I didn't feel her shot at all. Hannah cleaned my teeth and took a lot of time with me, and got my teeth sparkling clean before my high school reunion. The office is brand new and very beautiful. I am a picky person and highly recommend this dental office.

Kaya E.



I can't say enough about my experience with the Levison Dental Group. From my first impression at the front desk, where I was greeted professionally with genuine smiles, to meeting Hannah the dental hygienist and Dr. Sarah, I was hooked. I am a tad "picky", to say the least, about who I let touch my mouth. I spent much of my young life in a dental chair. I was an orthodontic experimental case; wore full upper and lower wire appliances from age 9-18. So, I know what I want from a dental office. I found it with Dr. Levison and her staff. By the time I left, after a very thorough cleaning and exam, I knew I had a new dental family I could trust.  I've told all of my friends, if & when they want a new dental home, this is the place to call.

Patricia G.


I have been a patient of Dr. Sarah for almost 17 years! My young kids now see her too and they are never afraid to go to the dentist, in fact they are excited!! She is GREAT with kids. She makes them feel confident and they really listen to her advice. The new Lake Oswego office is beautiful and very comfortable. We live in SW Portland and it's easy to get there, and worth the short trip.

She is phenomenal. She is super down-to-earth, super sharp and never makes me feel guilty if I need to have some work done. I NEVER feel like I'm being cheated or I'm being ripped off. I trust her completely. The staff, including her husband Dr. Scott are super friendly and you can tell they all really enjoying working together. If you look at the website you can see they really love helping people in our community and also have and taken numerous medical mission volunteer trips to help people all over the world.

Amy N.

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